Suspension of Starrfmonline News Editor is a Shame

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The Editor of, Kent Mensah has been suspended by top management of the EIB Network after he was said to have posted a flyer seeking opinions of respondents on persons likely to face the newly appointed Independent Special Prosecutor Martin A.B.K Amidu when he takes office later in the year.

Sources close to indicate that Mr. Mensah was suspended following pressure from some senior members of National Democratic Congress (NDC) who piled pressure on the top management of the EIB media empire.

This art work depicts great journalistic ingenuity. The whole thing is one big question and the answer could be “None”. The public are free to answer it whichever way they want.

So if some managers decide to suspend a smart journalist for this work of creative journalism, then I wonder what kind of journalists those managers are cultivating; bootlickers, stooges, poodles or sycophants?

IT IS A FLIPPING QUESTION FOR CHRIST SAKE. Why suspend someone for asking a good question?

Shame on EIB network


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