Jailed DCE released

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The District Chief Executive for Twifo Atti Morkwaa, who was jailed for contempt has been released.

Starr News gathers that Bossman Osei Hyeama, is currently in Accra receiving treatment at an undisclosed health facility.

The DCE was given a two-week jail sentence by a Cape Coast high court on September 29, for disrespecting a judge.

He was reported to have been angered by an injunction the Court placed on a planned demolition exercise of the Twifo Praso market sometime last year.

The furious DCE, who was convinced the High Court Judge has been compromised, is reported to have called the judge corrupt.

Osei Hyeama also hurled his shoe at the bailiff of the court during an altercation in the courtroom.

Speaking to the press after his release, Saturday, Hyeaman said he does not regret for insisting on what he believed was right.


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